বড় আকারের কাঠ বাদাম – ১ -কেজির প্যাকেট

৳ 1,100 ৳ 900

বড় আকারের কাঠ বাদাম

The size of the Almond nut is very big. The size is as long as thick. The is the biggest size Almond nut in the Bangladesh Market. No broken piece. Homemade packaging and 100% hygienic packaging. This is the 100 gm small and affordable pack size for all.


Almond nut is very rich in food value good for health. The quantity of sugar is very but the fiber is high. It increases immunity. The fat is not harmful to the heart, so an aged person can also take it. It prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It helps to reduce weight and makes the skin glowing. We should take it in a certain amount every day. But if we take it in large quantity then becomes harmful for our health and it damages our kidney.



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