Heart shaped chocolate cake

৳ 3,000

This is a Heart-shaped chocolate cake. Here we have given a 1 pound cake price in Bangladesh. It is a homemade cake, so you can customize the design of this chocolate cake during order. Generally, we prefer 7 days before to take the order of chocolate cake but on an urgent basis, we can deliver within 48 hours.

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Homemade heart-shaped chocolate cake Bangladesh

This cake is a complete homemade pastry cake that we make according to the needs and preferences of the customers. The weight of the cakes can be from 1 to 3 pounds. Here we have shown the price of the cake as per pound. From all the well-known and expensive brands of cakes available in the market, this cake is not inferior in any way, but it is much more delicious and nutritious than any other cake. We take the order of this cake 3 to 5 days in advance to make it, because we the complete pastry cake in the home environment. Our team collects the ingredients from the market according to the customer’s demand to make the best cake with the best ingredients on the market. Then we try the best pastry cake for the customer. And that is why the weight of the cake is a little more than the order of the customer. But because of that, the price is not kept higher than the customer.

If you think that the price of this Bangladesh cake is a little higher than the price of other cakes in Bangladesh, then we request you to compare it with another online cake shop in Dhaka. It is not a very expensive cake at all. Rather it is a much cheaper cake than that. Because it is a home-made cake, the actual weight at the time of delivery is slightly higher than the weight ordered. Then, we make it in a domestic and hygienic place, which is much cleaner and better than any factory environment and it is very tasty than the cake shop in the Dhanmondi area or any other expensive shops. Overall the quality cakes we are providing are undoubtedly within the purchasing power of many cheap and common people.

How do we make the best birthday cake in Dhaka?

We have the ability to provide you the best cake in a short time because we collect home-made cakes from the country’s best-award-winning cake-bakers, which are much more delicious.
So we suggest you check our product quality. We are sure you must be our return customer if you ever buy our best pastry cake in Bangladesh. If you are looking for the best birthday cake in Dhaka then you should try our product.


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